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We built the Saas kit Carrot Seed with Carrot Seed (kind of)

5 Minutes
posted on October 7th 2020
How we built the Carrot Seed Management Console with Carrot Seed and saved tons of time in the process.

We have used our SaaS development kit Carrot Seed to build Carrot Seed. In the broadest sense.

Before your head begins to smoke now – we can understand that – we'll give you the explanation right away: We used the SaaS kit to develop the management console that people are now using to get access to Carrot Seed. But that would have been too long a title. So please forgive the oversimplification.

But what does that mean anyway? First of all, we should probably start by explaining again what Carrot Seed actually is. Then it will all make much more sense, right?

What was Carrot Seed again?

Carrot Seed is our Software as a Service Development Kit. It allows you to start developing web, mobile and desktop apps within minutes. And you can get right into the development of your business logic, not just your code foundation.

You can think of the SaaS kit as a no-code app builder, except that when you create your project, you get the complete source code. Just like you wrote it yourself. You get a ready-made foundation, which you can adapt to your own needs. We put the source code completely in your hands. You can change and extend it in any way you want.

In addition – after all, we want to take as much work off your shoulders as possible – we also provide you with regular updates for the technologies, frameworks and libraries that make up Carrot Seed. You can easily incorporate these updates into your source code without losing your individual changes.

In short: The SaaS kit handles technology research, the code foundation, the architecture and all updates for you. Additionally, we constantly develop Carrot Seed further based on our users' feedback. You will receive these updates regularly, tailored to your project.

With all these time gobbling things out of the way, you can immediately focus on your business logic and get results faster than ever. With a tight deadline, a clearly defined budget and a fast time-to-market in mind, our software as a service development kit is the perfect solution for you.

We built a Management Console

So with Carrot Seed you can get your SaaS product up and running faster and cheaper than with traditional development. And that's exactly what we needed at the time we built the management console, where you can buy and download Carrot Seed.

What exactly were our needs for such a Management Console? Users had to be able to log in, to have access to a selection of packages, to be able to buy and pay for them, then download them and get the regular updates. The console should also be able to generate customized source code for all users and manage user data and permissions.

In short: In order to get our SaaS kit to the people, we needed some features known from other SaaS products and some that were specifically designed for our use case. You can guess where this is going.

Carrot Seed as a foundation

The source code of Carrot Seed already contains some building blocks for the console. For example, some frameworks and libraries that we would otherwise have to spend a lot of time researching, setting up and connecting. But Carrot Seed goes even further.

In addition to the code foundation, we could use the account management, a component catalog, payment and an admin interface. Also the test and build systems, security measures and a server system. Everything ready to go.

So we "only" had to build the parts of the management console that are responsible for creating and updating the Carrot Seed source code for the users.

Savings along the way

Because we have been using Carrot Seed – the source code, not the console – for our own products for a long time, we were able to get the Management Console up and running within a few weeks. We saved ourselves research, preparatory work and the building of some basic features of the platform.

That's hundreds of hours of research, design, development and more that were done before we even started planning the console. And the best is yet to come:

Every time we update the SaaS kit for the users and provide them with new features, the console improves at the same time. Whether it's new payment methods, security updates or new versions of the technologies used.


We built Carrot Seed with Carrot Seed. More or less. A large part of our work was done before we even started. This allowed us to spend more time on our business logic and build the best possible product in the shortest possible time.

If you want to try Carrot Seed for your own product now, you can take a look at the console right away. Of course with a free trial version and with a lot of help from our side if you want it.

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