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4 Minutes

How to create a SaaS product in 6 steps with Carrot Seed

4 Minutes
posted on 18. November 2020
Normally it takes hundreds of hours to create the foundation of a SaaS product. With Carrot Seed SaaS Kit you’ll get to the same result in 10 minutes (and a coffee break).

If you want to launch a new Software as a Service product, you usually have to put in over 1,000 hours. And then only the foundation is laid. With the Carrot Seed SaaS Kit, users can accelerate this process and get the same result within 10 minutes (and a coffee break). They even get the full source code and can immediately start implementing their own business logic.

Christian, our CTO, demonstrates how we can generate 1,000 hours of code in 10 minutes of work. In the current video he takes you by the hand and explains how you can start a new project yourself in 6 steps with Carrot Seed SaaS Kit and save thousands of Euros in development work.

If you don't have time for a video, we have summarised the process below as well.

1. Create a project in the Management Console

Step 1 (from 1:45 in the video) is easy. Create a free account in our Carrot Seed Console and create your first project. Just select the free trial version, enter the most important information - name, version etc. - and click on "Generate Project".

2. Clone the Git Repo in the terminal

Next (from 2:30) you will have to get the code to your own device. If you've ever worked with a git repository before, this will be a piece of cake. Just copy the text the console shows you after you've successfully created the project, enter your user data and add the remote. Done? Excellent. On to the next step.

3. Set the environments

Now (from 3:30) it truly begins. Next we set up the development environment. You will need the development environment for local development, development SSL certificates, and the Etc host entries so your app can run locally on your device.

4. Build the docker containers

The next step towards your first Carrot Seed App (from 5:25) is to build the Docker containers. This is the only step that takes a little longer - a good fifteen minutes because the Docker containers have to be downloaded first - but coffee breaks are always good anyway.

5. Launch the web app

Once the coffee is drunk (from 6:10), you can start your web app! To do this, the Docker containers for your web app will be started and you can generate sample data for the CMS, aka your website. Of course, you can watch the video to see exactly what you have to do.

6. Take a look at your finished web app

If you now (from 8:20) go to www.[YOUR-APP].com.local you can have a look at the CMS website for your web app. Here you will either find our example or your own content, depending on whether you selected the example app or an empty app at the beginning. The demo app is already running and you can immediately change what you want.

That's it! That's all you need to do to build a working web app with a website and a scalable server infrastructure. What would normally take countless hours has just cost you 10 minutes of work and a coffee break. And if there are updates to the technologies, you don't have to worry about it either. Carrot Seed SaaS Kit does it for you.

Later in the video Christian explains how you can make the first changes and also how the various technologies used work. If you're interested in something like that just check out the rest of the video.

If you want to start your first SaaS project with Carrot Seed, just register for a free account and create your first trial project.

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