(Not) A Web Development Agency.

We've been developing custom apps and websites for customers for 13 years. Somewhere along the way we completely rethought our approach. The result? A faster, more reliable and more cost efficient approach than ever: The Carrot Way .

Design First

What our design does? In UX design it creates amazing user experiences to make the software more accessible. It works together with development to achieve the smoothest look-and-feel possible. It always stays consistent through design systems and in-house branding from the start. In short: our design empowers users. Believe us. Our click dummies and user testing agree.

Cutting Edge Development

We realise state-of-the-art products for mobile, desktop and browsers with one shared foundation. With our unique approach in developing we can ensure the highest quality while still saving time and budget. This goes for everything from an MVP to an international solution and with the open source frameworks at the core there’s no need to fear a vendor lock-in.

So much to learn

We've been doing this for over a decade now and created countless amazing products and lots of experience to give away. We do this by helping others achieve their goals as well. Workshops, mentoring, consulting and coaching are right up our alley. Because knowledge can’t increase in solitude. You need to share it when you want it to grow.

The Carrot Way

Work smarter not harder.

We don’t like to repeat ourselves. That’s why we stopped. Instead we found a new way of developing. Our own way. The Carrot Way .

Carrot Way
High quality code
Features for diverse software solutions
Saving time for programming basic features
More time for actual product or service
Shared foundation for mobile, desktop and web
Quick updates for all products and platforms


We not only design or code your digital product or service. We can do both. Also we can help you with planning and concepts. We want to focus on the large projects and create apps that define the field of Software-as-a-Service. Also, there’s our unique way of developing that empowers us to create amazing solutions with less time and cost than anyone else.

We can do that. Yes. But we can go much further if you like to. Instead of just casting your idea into code, we accompany you along your whole process, from idea to implementation and even further. We help you create a business plan, assist in designing a perfect corporate identity, plan a great experience for your users, train your team and (yes) write the code for your product.

When you approach us with your idea for, let’s say, a SaaS solution, we can’t simply give you a realistic estimation. It neither would be fair to you nor to us. That’s why we ask you to hire us for a concept where we craft and refine a design, roadmap and concept how to get from your idea to a polished product. Only with that we can truly estimate the whole cost of your project and give you a realistic price.

For the benefit of both. Both the code and the design improve once the two processes are intertwined. Designers can create designs the developers can implement without problems. And it works the other way around as well. Developers can just ask designers on how the UI should look in the software. Also: Collaboration births the best ideas.

A digital product is more than a website or an app. It’s a system comprised of both and even more. Examples for well known digital products are Spotify, Twitter or Pipedrive. Our digital products rely on servers, complex systems in the background and perfect implementation on the front end. Everything bundled together with a fantastic user experience and branding that fits every possible use case.

The short version: Our Co-Founders have bunnies and their earnings finance the carrots they eat. The long version? You’ll have to visit us for that. There will be coffee, but probably no carrot cake. Sorry about that.


Great ideas arise from collaboration.
Great partners make them even better.

We love
great ideas.
The more challenging, the better.
We'd love to work on them with you.
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