Live feedback – honest, seamless, fast.

feedbackr is our answer to the question how to get more interaction in talks. It’s easy to use, puts the focus on the talk and empowers people on and in front of the stage. Our goal: Helping you getting honest feedback and answers from your audience, students or coworkers. Live and without hurdles.

What we did

feedbackr, the best helper for your presentation.
Does anyone have a question?
Interacting with your audience or students is a monumental task. There’s few loud voices and lots of people sitting in silence. No wonder. Up to half the population are introverts who don’t feel safe speaking openly.

feedbackr set out to solve this problem. With the audience response system we wanted to give the audience a tool to interact with speakers. We wanted to take away the barriers of face-to-face communication to allow for honest questions, feedback and on-the-spot surveys. And we wanted to give everyone a voice who wanted one. No matter their stance on public speaking.
50 %
Problem 1
Up to half of people won’t ask questions or give opinions in public.
0 %
Problem 2
Interaction at talks is at almost zero. Our goal: 80+ % interaction rate.

Brand Identity

feedbackr: green, versatile and hungry.

feedbackr came a long way. From its first iterations as real feedback back in 2011 to the flat pacman look it wears today. A lot has changed. It got cleaner, easier to use and developed its own style. But one thing stayed the same: Its hunger for questions and feedback. You can see it in its waiting mouth.

The all new feedbackr: We’re currently working on it and it will go live some time in the future.

UI/UX Design

Giving your audience a voice.

With feedbackr we don’t focus on our fame. It’s all about your event and your presentation. That’s why it works seamless in browsers of all devices and is easy to use. And the best thing? You can make it completely your own. With your design, your pictures and your questions.

Create questions in advance or on the spot. Multiple choice, single choice or free text.
Ask questions, present the answers and use them for your talk. With one click.
You audience answers on their devices. Directly in the browser. Nothing else needed.
“Fast and easy to use, feedbackr is our go-to solution when it comes to audience engagement and post-talk interaction.”
Stefan Stücklschweiger
CEO & Co-Founder of Fifteen Seconds

Say goodbye to the awkward post-talk silence.

No matter if classroom, meeting or stage: feedbackr gives everyone what they need. Your audience and colleagues get a way to answer anonymously and truthfully. You get honest answers and feedback right when you need it. And everyone benefits from 95 % audience interaction. For more open and fun talks.

95 %
Up to 95% audience interaction with feedbackr.
“feedbackr is very convenient for getting feedback. A lot of people have taken part. Normally you do not get such good feedback. Well done!”
Vitaly Friedman
Co-Founder of Smashing Magazine
feedbackr 2.0
The new version of feedbackr is coming. Stay tuned for the update and meanwhile: Check out the current version, trusted by over 5.000 people.
Product Owner: Karin Pichler
Design: Christian Perner & Katja Sostar
Development: Christian Haintz, Yanick Dickbauer
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