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The SaaS Kit to save over 1.152 development hours.

With Carrot Seed you create the code foundation of your next SaaS product in minutes. And with the Source Code in your hands you’re always in control.
Get your Source Code.
Get your App.
Carrot Seed puts the ready made Source Code of your next SaaS product into your hands. You get libraries, the build system, common SaaS features and more. And the best thing: It also keeps everything up-to-date for you.

in 10 minutes.

You get a ready to run git repo with your project’s Source Code foundation to start developing your ideas in minutes.

Always stay

Your digital product will always be state-of-the-art. Carrot Seed gets regular updates that you can add easily.

Build on 13 years
of experience.

13 years of expertise distilled into one foundation. Build on our learnings, successes and best practices.

No vendor lock-in.
Source Code in your hands.
Cancel any time.

Batteries included.

100+ trusted technologies.

Carrot Seed comes with everything you need to develop your app for web, mobile and desktop. Secure, scalable and ready to run in minutes.

Product Website

Django Wagtail CMS System with a demo SaaS website. Prebuilt CMS blocks, basic SCSS theme.

Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

Angular Responsive SPA, Nativescript iOS & Android App Electron Desktop App with shared code.

Server System

Django Server Infrastructure with Graphene GraphQL API. Postgres and Redis DB.

CI/CD System

Ready to use drone ci pipeline for test, dev, beta and prod environments. Automated testing system including tests.

Build System

All systems are build as docker images. Build locally and in CI and deploy to your private docker registry.

Deployment System

Scalable Kubernetes deployment to run locally, in your data center or in the cloud (AWS, Google, Azure).

Included Features

We’ve got you

We prepared lots of features for you! Accounts, payment, administration are ready to use. But with the source code in your control you can extend, customize or replace them all.

User and account management

Account management. Most SaaS systems need it in some form. With Carrot Seed it’s built in already. Including organisation management.

Payment System

A secure and customer friendly subscription based payment system is no easy feat. So we integrated it including license, tax and invoicing.

Component Catalogue

You want ready to use components for common cases built on material design? Then our built in component catalogue and our Figma Design System are just what you need.

Administration Interface

Our integrated and foolproof administration interface covers content, text translations, user management and other administrative tasks.

Multi-Language Support

Serving multiple languages on any level? Check. Internationalization (i18n)? Check. Localization (l10n)? Also check! On every level.

Everything your dev team could ask for.

Full access to source code

Hot Reloading

Shared code across all these apps

CI/CD ready

Based on open source

Run in the cloud or in your own datacenter

Feature Flags

Multiple Environments built in

See the Carrot Seed Demo in Action.

A fully fletched todo app created with the help of Carrot Seed in less than 2 hours. Check it out here.

What does it cost?

Save 20% forever
Get Carrot Seed Basic, Advanced or Premium during the preview phase and save 20% forever.


User management
Multi language support
Basic UI components
Figma Design System
Automatic testing
Email system
SPA with Angular & Django
Dev environment
Permission system


All basic features
Object based permissions
Feature flags
Kubernetes Deployment
Payment system
Invoicing & taxing
Server side rendering


All basic & advanced features
Mobile apps (Android & iOS)
Desktop app
Social media sign up
Single sign on (LDAP)
Rancher setup
Monitoring system
Backup system & strategy
Or maybe you just want to see what this is all about. Try it out for free!

This is what
you’ll save.

Rebuilding everything in Carrot Seed takes an experienced team at least 1.152 hours (see calculation) . Setting up Carrot Seed takes minutes. Save time and money early and get results faster than ever.


Saves your team
502 hours of work.



Saves your team
837 hours of work.



Saves your team
1.152 hours of work.

* Values calculated with an hourly rate of your team at 50€.

Can we help?

Get additional support, coaching or pre-mades with our exclusive optional add-ons.

Premium Support

You get guaranteed support within the next business day via phone call and email. Plus: Your requests have the highest priority for us.

Technical Mentoring

Do you need support in creating your concept or your architecture? Do you need feedback or best practices? Then you’re right here. Our developers will help you in 1:1 mentoring sessions, in reviewing your code and help you solving your problems for four hours every month.

Design Mentoring

Improve your UI/UX design game with the help of our design team. With this add- on our designers help you in exclusive mentoring sessions and give you pointers on your UX and your design in general. Get four hours every month and gain learnings for years to come.

Dev Training

Get training for your development team so they can get the most out of Carrot Seed. We’ll give you insights for Angular, Django or Carrot Seed overall. This way nothing stands between you and your SaaS solution. You get two half days of training for your team with a Carrot & Company developer on one of the three topics.

Custom Theme

You want your app to fit your design but you lack the person power? We’re here to help. With this add-on we’ll adjust the basic Carrot Seed design so it fits your corporate identity like a glove. You get the right typography, color scheme, two basic screen designs and a ready-to-use component library in your style.

Dev-Ops Kick-Off

The best development alone is only half the job without your software system. In this kick-off we help your team with processes and concepts for development, automated testing, and how to keep everything up to date. Additionally you get three consulting hours to help you integrate everything in your existing infrastructure.
Carrot Seed compared to other approaches
Get Carrot Seed now.
Check out the demo for free. Upgrade whenever you want.

You get the source code of Carrot Seed for your project. This is the most flexible way you can adopt it to your needs.

Yes, we built the system in a way that doesn’t limit you in terms of changing the code. You can always apply all the updates we provide you with.

You need a computer with MacOS, Windows or Linux which can run docker and a bash compatible shell. To enhance the developer experience there is some more software we recommend in our quickstart guide.

The main technologies are: Python 3 with Django, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Angular, and Docker. Of course there are a lot of other libraries and technologies involved (more than 100), but of course you don’t need to know all of them.

We carefully chose the dependent packages based on many different criteria based on our expertise and experience. We wrote a blog article about choosing the right libraries and frameworks: https://www.cnc.io/en/blog/frameworks-fences .

In the end you get native apps but they are not written in Swift (iOS) or Java (Android). With our approach we use as much shared code as we can to keep the system easily maintainable without limitations. Our apps are using the Nativescript ( https://www.nativescript.org/ ) framework. Therefore you can share a lot of code between the web application and the mobile apps.

The payment system is currently based on adyen and stripe, because this gives you a lot of flexibility.

At the moment our focus is on credit card subscription based payment. But that will be extended soon.

Technically yes. If it makes sense depends on your specific use case. Contact us so we can help you with that.

Yes, of course we do. We want you and your product to succeed. If you have any questions when using Carrot Seed you can reach out to us at any time. Besides support we also offer training and mentoring. And if you want us to, we can even help you with developing your code or do code reviews.

You should have at least one junior software developer who is familiar with web technologies. If you find someone interested in Angular and Django, you are in good company.

Our goal is that you can start as fast as possible. After you went through our Quick Setup Guide (~10 min) you can start implementing the business logic, because the basics are already done for you.

We offer a free trial version to all who are interested in Carrot Seed. You can have a quick look and learn whether Carrot Seed is the right fit for you. If you are happy you can upgrade the project to the basic version anytime - without a lot of effort. This way you have plenty of time to check out Carrot Seed. But this also means that we don’t refund license fees.

Partly. We built Carrot Seed so that you can run it either in your own data center, in the cloud or your laptop. Everything is based on docker images. Currently we don’t provide a hosting infrastructure for Carrot Seed projects. But we’ve included all the build scripts and deployment scripts so that you can build all the docker images and run them with one command. Therefore you can immediately simulate a production infrastructure on your laptop. To host it in production you need either a docker infrastructure or a kubernetes system. We can help you in building your production infrastructure as well.

Partly, Carrot Seed is built with CI/CD in mind. We’ve included automated frontend and backend tests and we even provided a drone ci ( https://drone.io/ ) pipeline file which can build, deploy and test your project easily

That is very unlikely. We use Carrot Seed internally as well. It’s the foundation of all our products. If the case should happen anyway you’re still safe! With Carrot Seed you’re always in charge of the source code. You can change everything the way you want. You’re not gonna be locked in.

No. Carrot Seed doesn’t lock you in in any way. You can stop getting updates at any time you want after the first 6 months and still keep using Carrot Seed as the foundation of your product. All the included technologies are open source so you can change everything at any point.

Yes, both ways. Consider when downgrading you lose the source code and license for the parts which are no longer included.

Unfortunately you can’t. We require users to pay fees for at least 6 months. If you cancel before that the license will be revoked automatically.

Our minimum usage period is 6 months. If you don’t use a paid plan for at least 6 months you won’t be able to publish it. After that period you can cancel at any time. You can keep the source code but you won’t get any updates for it.

Sure! We’re happy to have you back. But we have to ask you to pay the subscription fee of all the months you didn’t use. This seems harsh, we know, but it’s only fair to everyone else. After you left there have been several updates that you missed out on but will now. Everyone else paid for them so it’s only fair you do the same. As an example: Say you stopped using Carrot Seed basic end of August and changed your mind beginning of December. You will need to pay the missing fee for three months of updates.

One per license. If you want to create a second project you will have to get a second license. If you need a lot of licenses you can reach out to use anytime for an individual offer.

Everything which is web-based can be done.

Yes! As a startup you will get 50% off of the costs of Carrot Seed for two years. After that your plan will automatically switch to the normal pricing. If you sign up during preview though you will get a 20% discount after the second year. A startup is every company that is younger than 5 years, in which less than 50 people work and that creates an innovative product of their own.

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