Technical Basics for Your Product
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The Basics
It’s a feature trap! Avoid them by finding out what your users really need. We also discuss how to improve your code quality and how to make release and deployment smooth.
Continuously improving digital products is the heart of lasting success. Learn how to monitor the important things and interpret the results correctly to make precise improvements. You will also get insight on what things to keep in mind to build a convenient and stable "build, deploy and release"-pipeline that's fully equipped with automated testing, development and multiple environments. Lastly we help you to improve the quality of your code and make development satisfying again. This will cover testing, code style, peer code review and a supporting release process.
What you will learn:
  • Monitoring
  • Feature flags
  • Automated testing
  • Release and Deployment
  • Ensuring code quality
What's included?
  • DEV-01
    How to monitor your product to create the happiest users
  • DEV-02
    Releasing a new version should be fun not stressful
  • DEV-04
    How to ensure the best code quality possible
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