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SaaS brand sprint
Your SaaS needs a great brand. At least if you want it to be successful. Create one in only 3 hours with our free guided online workshop.

Even the best SaaS product will fail if no one uses it. Here’s where a great brand comes into play. It not only makes your product stand out from the crowd. A consistent corporate identity helps create recognition, simplifies marketing and sales, inspires employees and – most importantly – attracts new customers.

This free and guided workshop will help you create a brand of your own. During its three hours you will do a 3 hour brand sprint. With our help. We will accompany you in video form, give you helpful advice and explain every step on your way to your brand identity.

What you’ll get in the end? A full overview of your company’s values, stakeholders, personality and future. Everything summarized in just a few pages. And the perfect guideline to create a consistent and beloved brand and corporate design.

What you’ll get FOR FREE

  • a digital workbook for the 3 hour brand sprint
  • a 3-hour video that will guide you through the brand sprint
  • a transcript version of the video workshop
  • reading material on branding and brand sprints

For whom is the workshop?
For SaaS companies and startups who want to improve their brand and corporate identity.

How long will it take?
The brand sprint will take 3 hours.

What you need:

  • a 3 hour time slot,
  • all key decision makers of your company,
  • pens and lots of paper and a whiteboard if you have one. Or you could also use digital tools like miro or mural
  • and one device to watch the video guide on.
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