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You have an idea? Great! Now it’s time to create a concept for your product and to manage the product development while fostering quality and speed. No worries. We’ll help.
While having an idea is crucial you can’t simply stop at this point. During this workshop we give you the right tools to take your idea and make it into something more. You’ll get insights on how to plan and manage your project. You’ll be able to foster high product quality while staying quick and agile. And you’ll get insights on how to structure your review process. In the end your idea will have transformed into the concept of a viable product.
What you will learn:
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Creating Concepts
  • Review Processes
What's included?
  • BUS-01
    Project management for digital product creation
  • BUS-02
    Ensuring good product quality while being fast
  • BUS-03
    From idea to successful digital product
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