CSS Tips
3 hours
All Levels
CSS: the nemesis of all developers. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn about structuring, SCSS, animations and inheritance. In short: Learn how to make CSS your ally.

Annoyed by CSS? We feel you. But oftentimes what’s missing is just a new approach and some guidelines to help you through the process. With this workshop you will get just that. Guidelines, best practices tips for structure, for layout and positioning and even more. To get the most out of CSS with the least amount of work.

The first part of the workshop will focus on the best ways to structure CSS so it’s easy to read, to maintain and that works with SCSS. We’ll also go into naming and structuring conventions to make your life easier. The second part will focus on more topics and you can get insights to:

  • Layout and Positioning
  • SCSS
  • CSS Animations and transitions
  • Parent-Child-Selectors and Inheritance

We won’t get into all the topics though but instead leave all our participants the choice of which they would like to hear most about. But don’t worry: We’ll give you reading material with tips on all of them.

For whom is the workshop?
For everyone who has ever struggled with the many hurdles of CSS. Veteran developers, juniors and students are welcome and everyone will be able to take something away from this.

Who will hold the workshop?
Christian Haintz, our CTO. He's been writing code for over 20 years – mostly frontend web development –, co-founded several startups and developed products that are used in over 100 countries. Sharing his insights is not uncharted territory for him. He has experience at universities and as a mentor and advises companies on digitisation projects.

Where in Graz will it happen?
This depends on the amount of attendees but you will get the location in advance via email. If the restrictive period might be prolonged the workshop will either happen online or be postponed.

How long will it take?
We’ve planned the workshop for three hours.

Minimum number of participants
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel the workshop if less than 3 people have confirmed their participation two days before the scheduled date. In this case, all already registered participants will be contacted by us and will either be refunded the money or given the opportunity to participate in a future workshop.

Cancellation clause
We reserve the right to postpone the workshop at short notice in exceptional cases (e.g. cancellation of the lecturer). In this case the participants can attend an alternative date or get their money back.

Dates and Tickets
25.06.2020, 16:30–19:30, Graz