Creating interactive click dummy prototypes for digital products
3 hours
All Levels
18.12.19, 9:00–12:00
Click Dummies
How will you know if your idea for an app or software will be a success? How can you test it without risk? How can you get to your end users to get specific feedback? Prototypes.

Prototypes and click dummies help you test out your product in an early state. In this workshop we give you an introduction into the topic and teach you the basics of screen design so you can get prototyping yourself. No matter if you’re a startup-founder, working on your MVP, a student, checking out digital product development, or a designer, delving into new fields.

What will happen during the workshop?
We will introduce you to the basics of prototyping. Then we’ll create some quick ideas and get on working on click dummies for a fictional app. Afterwards you will test each other’s designs and then there is some time left for feedback and discussion.

What do I need for the workshop?

  • A smartphone with a camera
  • The Marvel app (with free account)
  • Optional: a laptop. You can work on your phone but with a laptop it might work better
  • We’ll provide pens, paper and everything else you need

Whom is this workshop for?
We want to address everyone who is interested in creating digital products. What you learn here will help you in designing apps for mobile and desktop in startups and companies. And don’t worry: you don’t need any prior design skills to manage here.

Who will do the workshop?
Christian Perner – our head of design – in in charge of the workshop. He has the amazing ability to make code look beautiful. He creates styles and brand-design that translate perfectly into UX-Design on every device.

Where in Graz will it happen?
We haven’t fixed the location yet. But don’t worry: We’ll tell you the location early enough in advance.

How long will it take?
We’ve planned the workshop for three hours. You’ll be out before lunch.